What Science Says: Foods Menopausal Women Should Leave Off Their Plate

Going through menopause? It’s a time of big changes, and what you eat can really make a difference in how you feel. Let’s check out the foods to avoid during menopause, according to the latest science, and don’t worry, I’ll suggest some tasty swaps too.

Kick High-Sugar Foods to the Curb

Here’s the deal: Those sugary treats? They’re not doing you any favors. Eating too much sugar can mess with your energy, mood, and even crank up those pesky hot flashes. Plus, it’s a shortcut to weight gain during a time when keeping weight off gets trickier.

Swap it out: Reach for fruits like berries or apples. They satisfy that sweet tooth and bring some much-needed nutrients and fiber to the party.

Say Bye to Processed and High-Fat Foods

What’s the scoop? Packaged snacks and foods loaded with bad fats can throw your hormones even more out of whack. They also pile on the risk for heart-related issues, which becomes a bigger deal during menopause.

Try this instead: Lean meats, legumes, and the good fats in avocados and nuts are your friends. They’re all about keeping you nourished without the unnecessary extras.

Cut Down on Caffeine

Why though? Caffeine can make it hard to catch those Zs and might even turn the heat up on hot flashes. Sleep is precious, especially now, so let’s not mess with it.

Go for: Herbal teas or chicory coffee. They’re calming, caffeine-free, and perfect for unwinding.

Ease Up on Alcohol

The gist: Alcohol can make menopause symptoms feel worse, mess with your sleep, and isn’t great for your bones. And with the risk of osteoporosis going up, it’s worth paying attention to your bone health.

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What to sip instead: Sparkling water with a splash of fruit juice offers that fancy drink vibe without the alcohol. Plus, staying hydrated is key.

Less Spicy Food, Please

What to know: Love spicy food? It might not love you back during menopause, especially if you notice more hot flashes after a spicy meal.

Season with care: Fresh herbs and mild spices can add loads of flavor without the heat. Give them a try and see how you feel.

Wrapping It Up

Navigating what to eat during menopause doesn’t mean you’re stuck with bland food. It’s about making choices that help you feel your best. Remember, these tips are a starting point. Everyone’s different, so listen to your body and adjust as needed. And hey, chatting with a healthcare pro for tailored advice is always a smart move.


Can changing my diet really help with menopause symptoms? Absolutely. Many women find that tweaking their diet can smooth out some of the menopause rollercoaster.

Should I consider supplements during menopause? Maybe, especially for things like calcium and vitamin D. But let’s leave that decision to you and your doc.

Craving junk food like crazy. What do I do? Try healthier swaps and keep portions in check. And remember, a little indulgence now and then is totally okay.

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